Sukarya – NGO

Areas of volunteering and internship


Areas of volunteering and internship

We are looking for support in the following critical areas. You can opt for one or more areas of interest where you would like to contribute.


  • Providing creative and/or technical inputs in helping us develop advocacy and communication materials related to our projects – brochures, pamphlets, posters, documentary films, radio programmes or project briefs.
  • We welcome friends and supporters from all over the country and abroad who wish to help promote our projects and further our mission. You can talk about the activities of Sukarya to your friends and encourage them to visit our website and send us their names and addresses so that we can add them to our mailing list.


Fund- Raising

  • Help with innovative ideas for raising funds. Holding a fund-raising event on Sukarya’s behalf or raising money through corporate sponsorship or even taking part in any fund raising event that we hold.


  • Quality improvement in antenatal, neonatal and postnatal services
  • Assist in strategy formulation for health programmes.
  • Participate in health awareness programme/campaign/camps
  • Build linkages with other donor/support agencies
  • Help in data management of camps, health centres through software development
  • Conduct small field-based research studies focusing on needs assessment/impact assessment of specific health interventions etc.

Income generation

  • Assisting in helping people live with dignity through sustainable livelihood programmes by formulating livelihood projects with sound business plans that would help in the economic development of communities.
  • Enhancement in product designing, packaging & marketing in existing income generation initiatives.


  • Adult literacy classes for adult women/adolescents/school drop-outs
  • Basic education to slum children

Training and Capacity Building

  • Training in viable livelihood enhancement options for women. These could be in areas such as paper-bag making, stuffed toy making, block printing, catering etc.
  • Training on health issues for community health workers and general population
  • Training of field support staff in soft skills such as inter-personal communication, confidence-building, team-work.

Information Management System

  • Set up/develop MIS for specific projects & record maintenance
  • Web designing/ management