Sukarya – NGO

Sukarya has drawn up and seeks to adhere to the following polices:

Gender Policy

Sukarya espouses the cause of the right to gender equality and right to dignified livelihood with equal opportunity while fostering a social, physical, and psychological environment at both institutional and programmatic levels. Sukarya works with marginalised women to address structural barriers to achieve women’s rights and gender equality, social justice, well-being, and a life free from violence. It strives for a society where women and adolescent girls can feel safe and  nurture their full human potential by being educated and empowered.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy

Sukarya is proud of its commitment towards every employee for having a dignified, and equitable work environment free of exploitation, harassment, and violence. It believes that sexual harassment is not only a criminal offence but also a violation of human rights and observes certain guidelines to ensure the prevention of sexual harassment of women so as to live with dignity which is a fundamental right guaranteed by our constitution.

Child Protection

Sukarya is committed to the rights of children to be protected from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation. It ensures that every adult who works in the school – teachers, non-teaching staff and volunteers – have clear guidance on the actions required to ensure their right to be protected. Every child must feel safe and and in an environment that ensures their mental and physical well-being.