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Global Ambassadors Event Delhi, 8 November 2019

Sukarya, has engaged James Donaldson, the former NBA star from USA, and mountaineer Deeya Suzannah Bajaj as its Global Ambassadors at a very special event in New Delhi on 8 November 2019.This event was attended by some of its program participants, few senior government officials, prominent community members and business leaders.

James Donaldson, the 20 years veteran of NBA, is also a motivational speaker, the author of “Standing above the crowd”, a volunteer and advocate for under-served and neglected communities that include women, children and youth. He is well-known for his special focus on mental health awareness and suicide prevention through his Gift of Life Foundation. A lifelong vegetarian, he is also very concerned about healthy eating and living habits.

Deeya Suzannah Bajaj, the epitome of courage, determination and perseverance went beyond the best of physical endurance and scaled the highest mountain on Earth, the Mt. Everest, along with her father to support the ‘girl child’ in India. Both father and daughter duo have already climbed six of the seven summits.

“At Sukarya, we commend both James and Deeya for their dedication to global citizenship and their standing commitments to advance & advocate for Sukarya’s long term goals which include educating & empowering children and adolescent girls living in the slums and freeing the future generation from anaemia & malnutrition, the main cause of infant mortality and maternal morbidity”, said, Meera Satpathy, the founder & chairperson of Sukarya.

“My work on mental health issues, it fits well with what Sukarya is doing. It is a perfect marriage of two organisations of what we can do together. We can go far together, create a legacy”.
– James Donaldson , NBA Star.

“Sukarya is doing a lot of good work and I would like to champion their cause and spread awareness about the issues related to women and children and hopefully help them to raise funds.”
– Deeya Bajaj a Star Mountaineer.

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