Sukarya – NGO

“The Culinary Affair at Sukarya”

Sukarya curated its first luncheon meet on 29th June 2019 with experienced food critic and writer Mr. Pawan Soni , Chef Ashish Bhasin, Ms. Chtra Shharma from Chef’s Kitchen Caterers, Ms. Abhilasha Jain, a home chef known for her vegetarian Rajasthani food, Ms. Shachi Jain home chef known for vegetarian food ,Gujarati and Bania cuisine, Ms. Seema Jain Krishnan baker who also has been making papads and pickles at home, Ms. Ashma Khanna an Ayurvedic Wellness Expert, and Ms. Hanika Arora who runs an event company called WOW Events and Exhibitions to give their expert opinion and share their valuable comments on the healthy pure spices and cereals processed by the women of the Self Help Group (SHG) of SUKARYA. The beautiful aroma of GARAM MASALA & CURRY POWDER along with mouth-watering pickles and flavourful chutney were specially appreciated. We had a wonderful informal interactive afternoon with such a talented bunch.

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