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Inauguration of Education on Wheels Programme, Gurugram Chapter on 23 January 2020

One would not have been able to recognise the students of EOW, had they met them a couple of months ago. These students were involved in aimless pursuits which included domestic chores, picking up rags from nearby areas and sometimes even getting involved in nefarious activities. The story is different now. These children now have access to ‘Education on Wheels’.

The children of Sector 49 and Sector 62 of Gurugram get the support of PricewaterhouseCoopers India to bring about this change. This program of the Gurugram chapter was inaugurated on 23 January 2020 in the presence of Mr. Heman Sabharwal, Trustee PwC India Trust along with team Sukarya headed by Mr. Shahnawaz Shahid and Ms. Renu Sood , a Trustee. 20 selected employees of PwC conducted a health and hygiene session, and distributed hygiene kits to all the students.

This goes without saying that this kind of a program is an effective way to reach out to the marginalized and unattended children. This can be a result-oriented solution.

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