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A by-product of the women's economic empowerment program, our spices and cereals have been a huge success. The Spice and Cereal Processing Units were set up in 2004 as a modest step towards assisting women in generating additional income for meeting their household needs and becoming partly self-reliant. Through these units we train women to produce unadulterated spices, pickles and cereals under strict hygenic conditions. Currently these units are operational in three villages - Gwalpahari, Waliawas and Bandhwari. We procure the raw material and provide the necessary capital required. A dedicated team keeps a close check on the production process to ensure that the products are being produced and packed under our guidelines to ensure that they are fresh, pure and hygienic.

We have developed linkages with corporates and group housing societies through which the women from the spice and cereal processing units set up stalls for the sale of their products.

Over the  years many individuals, housing societies and employees of corporates have been purchasing our products.

In buying our spices and cereals, you also help provide livelihood to an underprivileged women. Our range includes:


ItemPer UnitItemPer Unit
Haldi Powder - 200gm Till Chutney - 100gm 
Dhania Powder - 200gm Mango Hing - 250gm 
Lal Mirch Powder - 200gm Mango Chutney - 250gm 
Garam Masala Powder -100gm Mango Pickle - 500gm 
Jeera Sabut - 100gm Mango Pickle - 1kg 
Jeera Powder - 100gm Green Chilly - 250gm 
Aamchur Powder - 100gm Mix Pickle - 1kg 
Kali Mirch Powder - 100gm Mix Pickle - 500gm 
Chana Masala Powder - 100gm Lime Sweet - 500gm 
Atta - 5kg Lime Khatta - 500gm 
Swastha Atta - I Kgs Amla Powder - 100gm 
Swastha Daliya - 500gm Methi Dana Powder -100gm 
Jau Atta - 500gm Curry Powder - 100gm 
Bajra Atta - 500gm Dal Chini Powder- 100gm 
Wheat Daliya - 500gm Sounth C. Powder - 100gm 
Chana Atta - 500gm Chilla Powder - 100gm 
Soya Atta - 500gm Amla Chutney- 250gm 
Makka Atta - 500gm Lahsun Pickle - 250 gm 
Besan - 500gm Red Chilly Pickle - 500 gm 
Kassar - 200gm Amla Pickle - 500 gms 
Mix Dal - 500 gm Mouth Freshner - 100 gms 
Dalchini Powder - 100 gm


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The products are produced under the SHG women's empowerment program and the funds are used for economic empowerment and sell reliance of women in need.

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“I started using turmeric, chilli and dhania powder in 2006. I was so happy with the spices that I am now buying almost all my cereals and spices from Sukarya.”

- Mrs Mongia, Resident of Gurgaon.

“The stuff is really fresh and I know that each time I buy something, I am helping an underprivileged women.”

- Mrs Deshpande.