Sukarya – NGO

Shree Saini Our Global Ambassador

When Ms Shree Saini, the first ever Indian-born Miss World America became Miss World Runner Up and the Beauty with a Purpose Ambassador, it was a glorious moment for a young woman who has come a long way overcoming hardships and struggles, losses and pains, and it made her stand out. Shree stood out as the tallest participant by way of her own personal victories and how she had managed to lead herself in the entire selection process. The life journey of Shree is indeed a salute to a brave young lady.

Born in Punjab in 1996, Shree has lived in the Washington State in the US since the age of 5. She had a troubled childhood, both on the financial front as well as dealing with major health issues, she suffered from a heart condition that caused her heart to beat very slowly, Shree had to endure this health issue for the first 12 years of her life. And if this was not enough, while in college, Shree met with a major road accident where she suffered facial burns.
She was a true fighter and not a quitter. Here was a woman of substance, all positive and beautiful. And it is these adversities in early life that motivated Shree to be a strong advocate for heart health issues, she also recognized the need for emotional health in such situations. Taking on the responsibility to inspire many more girls, Shree accepted to add to the efforts of the Sukarya team, she said that “there is lot of similarities in Sukarya’s holistic approach in addressing major issues of women, children and adolescent girls living in the urban slums and villages and that of her own desire to create some impact in these spaces. The work and passion of Sukarya appealed to her so much so that she has therefore gladly accepted to be Sukarya’s global ambassador as an extension of her BWAP (Beauty With A Purpose) service beyond borders by giving a voice to the marginalized children and adolescent girls and this is where my heart and mind wants to work on”.