Sukarya – NGO

‘Poverty due to COVID strips last shred of human dignity’

Sukarya’s Founder, Meera Satpathy has had a long relationship with communities that have struggled to make ends meet. Not having enough money has meant lack of education, poor access to health care, increased chance of domestic abuse, poor family planning, soaring mountain of debt, sub-optimal level of hygiene and sanitation and an unequal environment for adolescent girls. Through its various projects Sukarya has tried to work with communities to prioritise their needs so that the unfair and unfortunate curse of poverty can be alleviated to the extent possible. A committed team and a range of donors has helped sustain programmes and expand outreach. 

‘Lead Read’ blog of Give India features ‘Sukarya’ in its latest post. GiveIndia had a quick chat with Meera Satpathy, our Founder and Chairperson in which she talked about Sukarya’s journey so far, the pandemic and much more. Here is a link to an interview: