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Reaching out to slum dwellers with the message “You are not alone”

The art of giving something to someone without the expectation of return is the most gratifying experience which many have gone through in these difficult times of the pandemic. Not only corporates, civil society organisations and NGOs but also resident welfare associations, children, young people and student alumni associations have stepped forward to give their time, mobilise resources, funds, medicines, equipment and food for those who need it most.

Sukarya has been fortunate that it has been able to consistently provide essential dry ration packets and hygiene kits to households in the slum colonies of Delhi and Gurugram where it runs its projects on women empowerment, education, health care and gender equality. Through its regular donors and new donors like the Give India , Sukarya USA it has kept the spirit of hope alive. Since the pandemic took firm root in the middle of 2020, Sukarya has without a break provided food and hygiene kits to slum dwellers. The neatly packed items that are hand delivered through cheerful staff and volunteers has been a blessing for those who are part of the bustling metropolises no doubt but part of a largely invisible population who are left largely to fend for themselves. The familiar and comforting presence of Sukarya gives them the confidence that they are not alone. Here is applauding the efforts of all those including the Give India, Sukarya USA who have given true meaning to the act of giving and proving to be a lifeline to those who need their help the most.

Let us expand this circle of giving. Join us.

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