Maternal Child Health & Nutrition

Successful programs in the past:

  1. Intervention study among adolescents, pregnant and lactating mothers to reduce prevalence of anemia- a contributory factor of maternal morbidity & mortality (KHOON BANE NA PANI)
  2. Knowledge Based Intervention in Reproductive health Advocacy and Action (KIRAN)
  3. Improving Mother and Child Health through Specialized Clinics (HIFAZAT)
  4. Improving the Health Status of the Rural Communities (Men as Partners)

Ongoing projects 

Urban Slum Health Action (USHA)

Project Summary

“Tackling Malnutrition and Anemia amongst Mothers [15-49 yrs] and Children [0-6 yrs] through comprehensive approach“.

The goal of this project is to help strengthen the detection, treatment, and prevention of malnutrition & Anemia amongst Mother & Children  and to help combat some of the major causes of child mortality, through immunization and improved care at the community level. The project aims to support the provision of basic health services, contribute to the response to the nutrition issues and ensure that the marginalized population has access to basic health checkups, vaccines, essential medicines and reduce malnutrition.

Key objective is to save lives through intervention by reducing IMR [Infant Mortality Rate], Malnutrition and Child morbidity, improving Maternal Health & Preventing anemia.

This Project focuses on detection, treatment and prevention of anemia and malnutrition amongst mother and children. It aims to provide basic health care services like ANC & PNC checkups along with counseling. It also ensures timely immunizations under the National Immunization Program and promotes adequate nutrition for mothers, infants and young children.  

Special Strategy is adhered to promote home and community based nutrition solutions /dietary interventions to combat malnourishment and anemic conditions.

Coverage Area – This program is operational in 10 slums [8 in Delhi & 2 in Guru Gram] covering a population of  approximately 100,000. Around 20,000 pregnant and lactating women and 4000 children being benefited through this intervention.

Community-based Health Education & Livelihood Program

Project Summary

The Community based health education and livelihood project is initiated with the support of Freedom from Hunger India Trust, an affiliate to Freedom from Hunger USA.The program 

aims to form and strengthen SHGs with Health Education especially on Maternal and Child Health along with Nutrition and livelihood initiatives. This specific module based intervention intend to develop community based health cadres and sustainable income generation activities to get rid of poverty and health issues.

This particular project aims to develop and design community based health education program to improve health and nutrition status of women and children below 5 years in district Mewat, one of the most backward districts of Haryana . The lack of accessibility to the proper health care infrastructure and services in Mewat adds to the burden on the poor and directly affects their over all living condition.

Coverage Area

This project covers 30 villages (of Nuh and Tauru blocks) comprising 90,000 population and 18000 households.

mMitra Voice a Call Program

SUKARYA Collaborates with ARMMAN‘s mMitra Voice call Program and MAMA (a global alliance of Johnson and Johnson, UN Foundation) for its Maternal and Child Health program.  mMitra is a free mobile voice call service that provides culturally appropriate comprehensive information on preventive care and simple interventions to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in urban India. The voice calls are in the local dialect, specific to the women’s gestational age or the age of the infant and are sent weekly/twice a week free of cost directly to pregnant women and mothers with infants.

The mMitra Voice a call Program is already operational under Sukarya’s Urban Slum Health Action (USHA) Project in Delhi and Community based Health education and livelihood project in 30 Villages of district Mewat, Haryana.

Brand Ambassador /Sakhis Training program by ARMMAN